RRS supported USSA and Winter Park during the US Alpine National Championships by providing 200 Break-A-Way slalom poles with Featherbases.  After 6 races, only 3 shafts were reported broken.  Many of these poles had been used at NOR AM races throughout the season at Loveland and Sunday River, and 2 Eastern Cup slaloms at Waterville Valley.  The Featherbase did an amazing job during the slalom events, with 5 poles having to be reset in soft conditions during the 4 runs of slalom with high-level fields.  John Jacobs was on hand to support the race crew and observe.  After the last race, all 200 poles were divided up and bought by the Vail race department, CU and Winter Park.   Break-A-Way is the featured slalom pole at a gigantic national ski school on-snow festival being held in France next week.   Wes Bishop and Tim Mullen of RRS will be there to support the event.  Break-A-Way is starting to take Europe by storm, especially in Scandinavia where coaches and ROCs are taking notice of BAW’s shaft durability in extreme cold and firm conditions.  BAW with Featherbase were used at both the Swedish and Norwegian national championships this year, and performed extremely well at both sites.